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Love's Secret Domain (30th Anniversary Edition)
Infinite Fog
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April 23, 2021


As much as Coil are associated with the dark stuff thanks to their seminal early industrial works, by 1991’s Love’s Secret Domain John Balance and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson were on to something far more trippy. The consummate parts of sample-based dance and electronic music are ammunition for all-hallows’-eve flavoured eeriness, while the likes of ‘Windowpane’ flips the then-nascent rave movement into its pitch-black reverse. Expanded for its 30th anniversary edition with a smattering of unreleased gems, Love’s Secret Domain remains an excellent entry point to at least one vital phase of Coil’s strange and frightening world.

Commissioned artwork by Steven Stapleton.

  1. 1 Disco Hospital 2:18
  2. 2 Teenage Lightning 1 1:49
  3. 3 Things Happen 4:21
  4. 4 The Snow 6:43
  5. 5 Dark River 6:29
  6. 6 Where Even The Darkness Is Something To See 3:05
  7. 7 Teenage Lightning 2 5:10
  8. 8 Windowpane 6:08
  9. 9 Further Back And Faster 7:57
  10. 10 Titan Arch 5:04
  11. 11 Chaostrophy 5:39
  12. 12 Lorca Not Orca 2:04
  13. 13 Love's Secret Domain 3:51


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