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Electrically Possessed [Switched On Volume 4]
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February 26, 2021

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Coming in hot on the heels of their expansive 2019 reissue project, legendary avant pop group led by Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier, Stereolab return with the long-awaited fourth instalment of their Switched On series. Having duly covered their years on the rise with the first three Switched On releases, volume four — fittingly titled Electrically Possessed — offers a comprehensive compendium of hard-to-find, out-of-print, compilation-only and unreleased cuts lifted from the group’s imperial phase between 1999 and 2008 remastered from the original tapes.

Having had their appetite for lounge jazz flavours fully whetted by 1997’s Dots and Loops, Electrically Possessed begins in the same spirit with the marimba, vibraphone and organ stomp of 9-minute opener ‘Outer Bongolia’, which neatly segues into the exotica pop of ‘Intervals’ — a tune bearing a passing resemblance to their wistful classic ‘The Flower Called Nowhere’ — and further into the funk territories of ‘Household Names’ and ‘L’exotisme Interieur’. The enormity of the collection takes us many places otherwise, most exceptionally of all to the bizarro disco world of ‘Dimension M2’, which upends Giorgio Moroder’s electronic dancefloor ethos with crushed bitrate chops and changes.

Another fine addition to the Switched On series that has historically showcased Stereolab’s adventurous sonic endeavours.

Tracklist Information

Outer Bongolia, Intervals, Barock-Plastic, Nomus Et Phusis, I Feel The Air (Of Another Planet), Household Name and Retrograde Mirro Form originally released as The First Of The Microbe Hunters 29th May 2000 on Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks, catalogue number D-UHF-D25 as double vinyl [6500 copies pressed] and CD [12,000 copies pressed] editions.

Jump Drive Shut-Out and Solar Throwaway were originally released 10th April 2006 as a 7" tour single via Duophonic Super 45s. Catalogue number DS-4538. 3600 copies were pressed. Solar Throw-Away (Original Version) was unreleased at the time.

Explosante Fixe and L'exotisme Interieur were originally released September 2008 as a 7" tour single via Duophonic Super 45s. Catalogue number DS45-43. 2000 copies were pressed.

The Super-It, Fried Monkey Eggs [Instrumental], Fried Monkey Eggs [Vocal] and Monkey Jelly originally released as The Underground Is Coming 7" tour EP via Duophonic UHF Disks and cut at 33rpm. Catalogue number D-UHF-D24. Monkey Jelly [Beats] was unreleased at the time.

B.U.A was written for a further collaboration with Charles Long [Stereolab had previously worked with him on Music For The Amorphous Body Study Center in 1995] and is previously unreleased. The artwork is called B.U.A [Burnt Umber Assembly] : An Entanglement of Wholes [1998].

Free Witch And No-Bra Queen and Speck-Voice were originally released 31st August 2001 as a 7" tour single via Duophonic Super 45s. Catalogue number DS45-30. 2000 copies were pressed.

Variation One was written for a film soundtrack and compilation CD for "Moog", a documentary about Robert Moog. Originally released 14th September 2004 via Hollywood Records.

Dimension M2 was written for the Disko Cabine CD compilation, released in June 2005.

Calimero was originally released July 1999 via Duophonic Super 45s. Catalogue number DS45-25. A collaborative 7" release between Brigitte Fontaine and Stereolab. The B side was Cache Cache by Monade. A total of 4100 vinyl copies were pressed [1800 on white vinyl and 2300 on black vinyl], there was also a CD edition of 7076 copies.

Pandora's Box of Worms - an unreleased outtake from the Dots and Loops album sessions. Heavy Denim Loop Pt. 2 - an unreleased outtake from the Mars Audiac Quintet album sessions.

Heavy Denim Loop Pt. 2 - an unreleased outtake from the Mars Audiac Quintet album sessions.

Co-released by band’s own label Duophonic UHF Disks and Warp Records.

Digital Tracklist

Disc 1

  1. 1 Outer Bongolia 9:29 Buy
  2. 2 Intervals 4:38 Buy
  3. 3 Barock-Plastic 3:17 Buy
  4. 4 Nomus Et Phusis 4:23 Buy
  5. 5 I Feel The Air {Of Another Planet} 8:12 Buy

    I Feel The Air {Of Another Planet}

  6. 6 Household Names 3:43 Buy
  7. 7 Retrograde Mirror Form 6:45 Buy

    Retrograde Mirror Form

  8. 8 Solar Throw-Away [Original version] 3:06 Buy

    Solar Throw-Away [Original version]

  9. 9 Pandora's Box Of Worms 2:16 Buy

    Pandora's Box Of Worms

  10. 10 L'exotisme Interieur 3:23 Buy

    L'exotisme Interieur

Disc 2

  1. 11 The Super It 3:51 Buy
  2. 12 Jump Drive Shut-Out 2:43 Buy

    Jump Drive Shut-Out

  3. 13 Explosante Fixe 4:25 Buy
  4. 14 Fried Monkey Eggs [Instrumental version] 2:08 Buy

    Fried Monkey Eggs [Instrumental version]

  5. 15 Monkey Jelly 1:54 Buy
  6. 16 B.U.A 4:51 Buy
  7. 17 Free Witch and No Bra Queen 4:44 Buy

    Free Witch and No Bra Queen

  8. 18 Heavy Denim Loop Pt 2 2:54 Buy

    Heavy Denim Loop Pt 2

  9. 19 Variation One 4:01 Buy
  10. 20 Monkey Jelly [Beats] 1:53 Buy

    Monkey Jelly [Beats]

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