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Arp Better Than Line
Altered Sense
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 8, 2021


An expansive double pack of electro psychedelia by Uf0. Over the four sides, the somewhat-elusive Ibizan artist takes you on a journey through mind-bending oscillations, crisp drum programming and creeping euphoria. It flickers seamlessly between retro braindance and cinematic futurism; between rave cuts and gently simmering ambience (‘Yeh Premoh’); or between lightning-fast propulsion and sedate wandering. Uf0 excels on each individual track and with the album format as a whole, providing all the ingredients for a captivating and transportive listen from back to front.

  1. 1 2000 EM 1:49
  2. 2 Braindance Army 1:36
  3. 3 Respect IDM Piece Of Shit 1:33
  4. 4 Motion On Bells 1:39
  5. 5 Hide Moon 1:44
  6. 6 Julia 1:41
  7. 7 Lunar Voices 1:44
  8. 8 Still Here 1:49
  9. 9 Povedin 1:45
  10. 10 Teach Me How To Dance 1:52
  11. 11 Viewpoint Of Cala Llonga 1:44
  12. 12 Valeria 303 1:49
  13. 13 We Are Taking Drugs 1:50
  14. 14 Yeh Premoh 1:32

Track List

A1. 2000 EM
A2. Braindance Army
A3. Respect IDM Piece Of Shit
A4. Motion On Bells
B1. Hide Moon
B2. Julia
B3. Lunar Voices
C1. Still Here
C2. Povedin
C3. Teach Me How To Dance
D1. Viewpoint Of Cala Llonga
D2. Valeria 303
D3. We Are Taking Drugs
D4. Yeh Premoh

Altered Sense

Electro and Acid

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