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Keeley Forsyth
The Leaf Label
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 5, 2020


Actor and musician Keeley Forsyth delivers a set of striking avant-songs on her debut LP Debris. This is a record which plays out like a Gothic and ornate song-suite, one in which Forsyth’s wracked, quavering vocal style provides the central point of reference. Much of the music here is a slow-motion take on chamber pop, one where baroque instrumentation is stretched out to create murky, moody soundscapes - although the widescreen synth-pop of closer ‘Start Again’ is one of a couple of stylistic outliers here. It all comes together to make a haunting and hugely moving work, one which recalls the ambitious balladry of late-period Scott Walker.

  1. 1 Debris 0:30
  2. 2 Black Bull 0:30
  3. 3 It's Raining 0:30
  4. 4 Look To Yourself 0:30
  5. 5 Lost 0:30
  6. 6 Butterfly 0:30
  7. 7 Large Oak 0:30
  8. 8 Start Again 0:30

Keeley Forsyth

The Leaf Label

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Alternative / Indie / Post-rock

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