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December 18, 2020


'Days' is like no other track Round has produced to date. For a start, it's the first song he has ever written without using samples. It's also the first time he's worked with a vocalist. Truth is that everything surrounding the track's conception is somehow exceptional. The melody came to Torsten as a sudden spark, which he discretely hummed into his phone while walking in Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen. "I always feel an urge to make music when I feel emotional, and like many other people I remember the emotional periods in my life", he recalls when questioned about what inspired him of that particular time and space. He then asked danish singer Astrid Engeberg to record vocals and after some work with the laptop the song was born. So simple, so special. The three remixes manage to be faithful to the original's haunting oddness while offering radically different takes on it. The 12" comes with a sleeve designed by Arnau Pi. *Note that B-side track-listing is inverted in the sleeve due to a printing mistake.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Days 3:19 Buy
  2. 2 Days (John Talabot?s Skoooldub Rework) 14:58 Buy

    Days (John Talabot?s Skoooldub Rework)

  3. 3 Days (Ex-Terrestrial Remix) 5:00 Buy

    Days (Ex-Terrestrial Remix)

  4. 4 Days (FIT Siegel's Bow Legged Mix) 5:54 Buy

    Days (FIT Siegel's Bow Legged Mix)

  5. 5 Days (JT?s Especie Invasora Remix) 8:25 Buy

    Days (JT?s Especie Invasora Remix)


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