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January 15, 2021

Analogical Force intends to keep the identity of the artists who contribute to its UNSEEN series under wraps. As such, the first instalment, UNSEEN1, is a record which very much lets the music do the talking. We may never find out who’s behind the tunes here, but what we can say for certain is that these are the sort of top-quality electro and IDM productions which Analogical Force have delivered so frequently in the past.

The A-side of UNSEEN1 consists of two burbling machine-funk joints. These are tracks which sit at the nexus of hard-bodied Detroit electro and the more playful style synonymous with labels like Rephlex and early-days Planet Mu - the programmed drums may whirr and bang, but the way in which these beats are adorned with dystopian synth pads and basslines that boing around the mix makes for some delightfully unpredictable tunes.

The sounds of the A-side are taken in two contrasting directions on UNSEEN1’s flip. On the third track we get a frenetic, whirlwind ride which contrasts some deft synth stabs with speedy beat programming. This brilliantly futuristic tune finds a foil in the closing cut, a mid-tempo electro jam which rounds out UNSEEN1 with possibly the most wistful and melodious production on the whole EP.

On the first drop in Analogical Force’s secretive UNSEEN series we are treated to an array of playful, harmonious IDM productions from a mystery producer.

Mastering by Carlos Koschitzky at Koschitzky Studio, Gijón.
Design by Acid Hazel, Berlin.

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  1. 1 óspakr 4:45
  2. 2 Axiom12 4:39
  3. 3 Herald 5:22
  4. 4 Hr¢lfr 3:34


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