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Solo Electric Bass 1
Solo Electric Bass 1
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August 2009
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Very limited Warp records release!

Squarepusher’s excursions as a solo bass virtuoso are immortalised with the release of 'Solo Electric Bass 1', on Limited CD and Digital. 

This live recording was taken from one of his spellbinding solo bass performances at Cité de la Musique, Paris in September 2007. A performance that only consists of Squarepusher on stage with a bass and a small amp.


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  1. 1 Seb-1.01 2:38 Squarepusher Buy
  2. 2 Seb-1.09 3:32 Squarepusher Buy
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  11. 11 Seb-1.11 1:31 Squarepusher Buy
  12. 12 Seb-1.12 5:27 Squarepusher Buy


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