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Fennesz + Sakamoto
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May 21, 2007


Cendre was recorded between 2004 and 2006 in New York City by Ryuichi Sakamoto and in Vienna by Christian Fennesz, and has now been released in a special 2x10" edition. They came together for the mix in New York City in February of that year. Fennesz would send Sakamoto a guitar or electronic track and Sakamoto would compose his piano piece. This process was also reversed - Sakamoto initiating the track with a piano composition and Fennesz responding. Sakamoto and Fennesz blend the unstructured and imaginative qualities of improvisation with the satisfying sculpturing of composition. Sakamoto's piano, his style reminiscent of Debussy and Satie, perfectly complements Fennesz with his powerful blend of shimmering guitar and passionate electronics. The results on this album are like the best parts of Fennesz music blended intuitively with the best parts of Sakamoto's unique and beautiful playing. This is a really beautiful album that surpasses most of the frothy boring ambience people often call beautiful.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 oto 3:49 Buy
  2. 2 aware 4:46 Buy
  3. 3 haru 4:39 Buy
  4. 4 trace 5:46 Buy
  5. 5 kuni 2:24 Buy
  6. 6 mono 4:13 Buy
  7. 7 kokoro 4:16 Buy
  8. 8 cendre 3:09 Buy
  9. 9 amorph 5:57 Buy
  10. 10 glow 7:12 Buy
  11. 11 abyss 5:38 Buy

Fennesz + Sakamoto


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