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Hudson Mohawke
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February 2, 2021


Collecting the three digital releases that Hudson Mohawke dropped in 2020 - B.B.H.E., Poom Gems and Airborne Lard, packaged in triple cassette 3Pac.

First up in this series was B.B.H.E. A collection of tunes worked on over many years, scattered with turntablist strangeness (‘Mandarania’), synth brass bombast (‘Brooklyn’) and instrumental hip hop languidness (‘Beyond’), each track shot through with Hudson Mohawke’s unmatched left-field electronic sensibilities. As always, the producer resists easy categorisation, saturating B.B.H.E. with auditory left-turns wherever possible.

Hot on the heels of B.B.H.E., Poon Gems was another album of unreleased material, spanning the wide gamut of his style. Referencing hip hop and breakcore as well as taking a more intimate approach on cuts like 'Solesaft'.

With Airborne Lard, this album saw HudMo yet again defy genre with a host of technicoloured productions which bridge the gap between hip-hop instrumentals and electronic music. Tracks like the sample-happy backwards guitars and wayward vocal snippets of ‘3_2’ amble along with a wonky pace, showing that HudMo still sounds like no one else on earth. ‘Be Ur Fantasy’ struts along like a jubilant parade, as swooping strings and marching band percussion accompany clipped R&B vocals. Then, there’s always the ever-present meaty, scuzzy bass.

  1. 1 BBHE-001-Hudson Mohawke-Brooklyn 2:33
  2. 2 BBHE-002-Hudson Mohawke-Mandarania 1:57
  3. 3 BBHE-003-Hudson Mohawke-Spruce Illest Bumper 2:18
  4. 4 BBHE-004-Hudson Mohawke-Animo 2:50
  5. 5 BBHE-005-Hudson Mohawke-Beyond 0:44
  6. 6 BBHE-006-Hudson Mohawke-Tar 4:59
  7. 7 BBHE-007-Hudson Mohawke-100HM 3:29
  8. 8 BBHE-008-Hudson Mohawke-Wellpark 1:38
  9. 9 BBHE-009-Hudson Mohawke-Rosado 0:41
  10. 10 BBHE-010-Hudson Mohawke-Macanudo 0:58
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