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Salvatore Mercatante
The Foundations Of Eternal Sin
Castles in Space
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December 4, 2020


Press Release

It is with much excitement that we can announce that New York synth maestro, Salvatore Mercatante has joined the Castles in Space family. First coming to our attention via a pair of beautifully authentic Giallo soundtracks, this new work, "The Foundations Of Eternal Sin" is a fully formed darkwave synthesizer LP. Minimal, thoughtful and ice cool, yet full of heart and humanity, "...Foundations..." is forged very much from the ongoing tumultuous fabric of our current lived experiences. The eight tracks are numbered as Foundation One through to Foundation Eight.

Salvatore explains the background and inspiration for the record:

"The album is about humanity falling from grace and losing the pillars of what makes us human. The "Foundations" listed in each step bring us through that journey, starting with turning our backs on benevolence. Foundations two, five and seven being physical places along the journey that we stop at, the citadel (Foundation Seven) being the final stronghold of human empathy and understanding. It's not about the end of days or the apocalypse, this is an internal struggle. Society will still move forward but with the loss of the human soul. This is something I fear every day - but there is beauty in the fall and a hope that we one day may recover to find what made us human in the first place."

It's a deep and philosophical ride once again confirming that when done properly, the warmest and most human music is made with machines. Salvatore is a true wizard at the pinnacle of his powers, wringing raw emotion from his base elements.

Written and recorded in New York between November 2019 - January 2020 using various electronic artefacts and devices (Salvatore is reluctant to specify exactly what gear was used for the construction of the album), the record itself is pressed on ash grey vinyl. The mystical sleeve and insert artwork is by Nick Taylor.

The aforementioned Giallo Soundtracks, "Il Lamento Della Strega" and "Il Mistero, La Profezia" will be released as part of the imminent Castles in Space Subscription Library as a massive double LP set. Salvatore has also contributed a fantastic track to the Scarred For Life Volume Two LP.

Salvatore Mercatante

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