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Working With God
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 26, 2021


It’s nice to know that sludge metal’s sludgiest Melvins are still having a blast nearly forty years into their career — and what better way to open your 24th album than with an expletive cover of The Beach Boys’ ‘I Get Around’. The LP sees King Buzzo’s long-standing band reunite with original drummer Mike Dillard, and you can tell there’s a juvenile basement rehearsal atmosphere to Working With God, one where anything goes and everything just… works. The droning Swamp Thing-Sabbath riffs are still ever-present, even where Melvins are in a punkier mood than usual on this damn good record.

  1. 1 I Fuck Around 0:30
  2. 2 Negative No No 0:30
  3. 3 Bouncing Rick 0:30
  4. 4 Caddy Daddy 0:30
  5. 5 1 Brian, The Horse-Faced Goon 0:30
  6. 6 Brian, The Horse-Faced Goon 0:30
  7. 7 Boy Mike 0:30
  8. 8 1 Fuck You 0:30
  9. 9 Fuck You 0:10
  10. 10 The Great Good Place 0:30
  11. 11 Hot Fish 0:30
  12. 12 Hund 0:30
  13. 13 Good Night Sweetheart 0:30

Track List

A1 I Fuck Around
A2 Negative No No
A3 Bouncing Rick
A4 Caddy Daddy
A5 1 Brian, The Horse-Faced Goon
A6 Brian, The Horse-Faced Goon
B1 Boy Mike
B2 1 Fuck You
B3 Fuck You
B4 The Great Good Place
B5 Hot Fish
B6 Hund
B7 Goodnight Sweet Heart



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