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Angel's Flight
AD 93
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 22, 2021


AD 93 presents a collection of ambient masterpieces from the legendary Biosphere (Geir Jenssen). Having pioneered his style of “arctic ambient” music since emerging in the early 1990s, Jenssen lands on a new aesthetic for Angel’s Flight. Many of these recordings were originally composed for choreographer Ingun Bjørnsgaard's contemporary dance performance 'Uncoordinated Dog' in 2019, compiled here to form an album of wintry beauty. This LP contains some of the most ornate work of Biosphere’s career. Whereas Biosphere releases were once underpinned by synthetic tones and gentle electronic drums, this record studies chamber music arrangements whose sense of unsettled discord looks back to early 20th Century composers like Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg. Tracks such as ‘In The Ballroom’ have a strong hauntological quality to them, their icy string sounds muffled by tape hiss in a manner which makes them both eerie and beguiling. This feeling heightens as Angel’s Flight progresses - the chamber music samples which push through on ‘Faith And Reverence’ and ‘Unclouded Splendour’ exacerbate the baroque and gothic qualities which were already on display in Angel’s Flight’s earlier stages. On the album’s final piece we find Biosphere’s older style re-exerting itself to some extent, though here the crackling electronics dissolve the orchestral instrumentation into beds of uneasy ambience.

Mastered and cut by Stefan Betke and Scape Mastering
Designed by Alex McCullough and Noah Baker

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 The Sudden Rush 3:28 Buy

    The Sudden Rush

  2. 2 As Bright as the Night 4:56 Buy

    As Bright as the Night

  3. 3 Talking to Some Imaginary Person 3:25 Buy

    Talking to Some Imaginary Person

  4. 4 In the Ballroom 4:04 Buy

    In the Ballroom

  5. 5 As Weird as the Elfin Lights 3:54 Buy

    As Weird as the Elfin Lights

  6. 6 Angel's Flight 5:52 Buy

    Angel's Flight

  7. 7 As Pale as a Pearl 3:13 Buy

    As Pale as a Pearl

  8. 8 Faith and Reverence 3:18 Buy

    Faith and Reverence

  9. 9 Unclouded Splendour 2:52 Buy

    Unclouded Splendour

  10. 10 Remote and Distant 1:59 Buy

    Remote and Distant

  11. 11 Scan of Waves 3:24 Buy
  12. 12 The Clock and the Dial 4:11 Buy

    The Clock and the Dial


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