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...I Care Because You Do
Aphex Twin
...I Care Because You Do
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April 1995
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Aphex Twin's third studio album, originally released in 1995, is regarded as Richard D. James' greatest work under his Aphex Twin guise; whereas 'Selected Ambient Works Vol. II' consummated Aphex Twin's analogue era, '...I Care Because You Do' was the beginning of more intricate, lengthy, abstract digital compositions. Quite different to the previous, familiar sound of ambient music and techno.

Anagrams for tracks titles ('The Waxen Pith', 'Wet Tip Hen Ax', 'Next Heap With' etc.); in-jokes and innuendos; samples of dialogue from ponographic films and other eccentric production nuances fold into distorted hip-hop style beats and tangled drum loops. '.... I Care Because You Do' captures a new era of bracing sonic experimentation (a self portrait on the cover appears to endorse this change), yet maintaining levels of familiar melancholy and aggression in an equal measure.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Acrid Avid Jam Shred 7:39 Aphex Twin Buy
  2. 2 The Waxen Pith 4:49 Aphex Twin Buy
  3. 3 Wax The Nip 4:18 Aphex Twin Buy
  4. 4 Icct Hedral 6:07 Aphex Twin Buy
  5. 5 Ventolin (Video Edit) 4:29 Aphex Twin Buy
  6. 6 Come On You Slags 5:44 Aphex Twin Buy
  7. 7 Start As You Mean To Go On 6:05 Aphex Twin Buy
  8. 8 Wet Tip Hen Ax 5:17 Aphex Twin Buy
  9. 9 Mookid 3:51 Aphex Twin Buy
  10. 10 Alberto Balsalm 5:10 Aphex Twin Buy
  11. 11 Cow Cud Is A Twin 5:33 Aphex Twin Buy
  12. 12 Next Heap With 4:44 Aphex Twin Buy

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