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Automatic Tasty
A Farewell To Reason
Wrong Island Communications
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November 13, 2020

Automatic Tasty departs slightly from his pastoral acid sound and picks up the microphone for a collection of melancholic pop songs entitled 'A Farewell To Reason'.

From the side-eyed sarcasm of 'A Happy Town' to the reflective urgency of 'Wake Up Dead', the album traverses landscapes of sorrow and good humour - representing a stoic acceptance of the problems of modern life and a yearning for something different.

'Something special happened with these songs - I've never had a desire to sing or anything, but the words and melodies all kind of fell out of the cosmos fully formed'. While some pieces such as 'Ballad For A Modern Man' convey a certain urban sense of loneliness and isolation, others like 'Onward Forward' are more optimistic. 'These songs are my own attempt at navigating a certain melancholy which was hanging around me at the time I think. They're very dear to me'.

Imíonn Automatic Tasty beagán óna ghnáth fuaim 'acid' aige, chun cnuasach cianach amhráin pop dar teideal 'A Farewell To Reason' a chur fénár mbráid.

Ó íoróntacht íogánta 'A Happy Town' go dithneas smaointeach 'Wake Up Dead', cuimsíonn an albam buairt agus áthas - léiriú stócach ar fadhbanna an saol comhaimseartha in éindí le brionglóidíocht tnúthánach, dóchasach.

'Tharla rud eicínt speisialta leis na hamhráin seo - níor theastaigh uaim aon chanadh a dhéanamh ariamh cheana, ach do thit na focail agus na foinn ón spéir anuas ina iomláine'. Tá iarmhaireacht agus uaigneacht le bhraistint i leithéidí 'Ballad For A Modern Man', agus soirbhíochas croíúil i leitheidí 'Onward Forward'; 'Is iarracht iad na hamhráin seo cineál dubhachas a bhí ionam a thrasnú is dóigh liom. Tá mo chroí iontu istigh'.

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  1. 1 A1 - Ballad for a Modern Man 1:30
  2. 2 A2 - A Happy Town 1:30
  3. 3 A3 - Forward Progress 1:30
  4. 4 B1 - Wake Up Dead 1:30
  5. 5 B2 - These Days 1:30
  6. 6 B3 - Onward Forward 1:30

Automatic Tasty

Wrong Island Communications

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