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The Bug featuring Dis Fig
In Blue
Catalogue Number
Release Date
20 noviembre 2020

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The Bug’s search for a futuristic vision of dancehall continues. He teams up with experimental vocalist Dis Fig (aka Felicia Chen) for an album of “Tunnel Music.” The duo developed a visceral synergy over 20 months of exchanging studio ideas. The result, In Blue, is as seductive as it is violent, a whirlwind ride of pounding beats and jet black atmospheres. The Bug’s uncompromising approach to beatmaking pushes the album’s sonic boundaries to the verge of breaking point. But, there’s light in the distance. Dis Fig ethereal vocals are on top are the perfect antidote, giving In Blue a measured balance of moods and colours. It’s yet another scintillating collaboration in The Bug’s career full of them.

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Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 Around Me 1:29 Comprar
  2. 2 Come 4:17 Comprar
  3. 3 Destroy Me 3:53 Comprar
  4. 4 Blood 4:11 Comprar
  5. 5 In 2 U 4:24 Comprar
  6. 6 Levitating 3:23 Comprar
  7. 7 Forever 5:04 Comprar
  8. 8 Blue To Black 4:23 Comprar
  9. 9 Take 4:41 Comprar
  10. 10 No Return 5:21 Comprar
  11. 11 You 3:58 Comprar
  12. 12 End In Blue 5:54 Comprar

The Bug featuring Dis Fig


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Dub, Reggae and Dancehall

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