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Zoviet France
Zoviet France Bundle
Vinyl On Demand
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 30, 2020
  • Bundle:

    • The End of Nothing, the Beginning of Everything Vinyl, 1×LP

    • Shouting at the Ground Vinyl, 2×LP

    • Just an Illusion Vinyl, 2×LP

    • Russian Heterodoxical Songs Vinyl, 1×LP

    • Look Into Me Vinyl, 2×LP

    • Shadow, Thief of the Sun Vinyl, 2×LP

    • Collusion Vinyl, 2×LP

    • Vienna 1990 Vinyl, 1×LP

    • What Is Not True Vinyl, 2×LP

    • Further Collusion Vinyl, 2×LP

    Available: October 30, 2020

Please note this is not the box set, this is a bundle of the 10 standalone releases on Vinyl On Demand

Masterminds of the outer reaches of musique concrète and post industrial experimental music, Zoviet France formed in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1980. Since then they have had a prolific and highly influential output including a number of line-up changes. At long last, we have 5 of their most coveted releases back in print via Vinyl On Demand, as well as 2 live recordings from the early 90’s, a collection of material from various compilations over the years and 2 LP’s recorded in 88’ and 90’ of previously unreleased material.

The End of Nothing, the Beginning of Everything

The End Of Nothing, The Beginning Of Everything is a record from the vaults of liminal music masterminds Zoviet France. Recorded in 1990 but never released prior to this edition, The End Of Nothing, The Beginning Of Everything is one of the headiest brews of musique concrete and dark industrialism in the Zoviet France catalogue - and that’s saying something. Here we find Zoviet France pushing their dubbed-out experimentalism as far as it can go, taking in phased loop tracks, mind-expanding voice collage, haunted ambient and much else besides. The release of The End Of Nothing, The Beginning Of Everything marks a hugely exciting moment for fans of Zoviet France - indeed, for followers of experimental music in general.

Shouting at the Ground

Shouting At The Ground is an incantatory collection of post-industrial recordings from the enigmatic Zoviet France (sometimes stylised :zoviet-france:). Across more than an hour of music here the semi-mythical band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne lead the listener into a world of wiccan spirituals and eerie ambiences. The 1988 record’s shorter early tracks juxtapose a global array of field recordings with unstable junk-shop loops, granular atmospherics and clanging instrumentals, while Shouting At The Ground’s second half stretches out into murky drone on the lengthy entries ‘Shamany Enfluence’ and ‘The Death Of Trees’. The result is a hugely arresting LP from a visionary ensemble.

Just an Illusion

Seminal post-industrial outfit Zoviet France struck a fine balance between the dark and lighter sides of their sound on the 1990 LP Just An Illusion. The group’s name has long been synonymous with eerie soundscapes that hover on the border of drone and musique concrete, and there is a good dose of that aesthetic in effect on Just An Illusion. However, throughout Just An Illusion the more ominous sides of the Zoviet France experience find a foil in moments of beatific psychedelia - album centrepiece ‘Caught In The Square’ features beautiful, watery ambient passages that hit like sun breaking through storm clouds.

Russian Heterodoxical Songs

Recorded in 1988 but only now seeing the light of day, Russian Heterodoxical Songs is a rare gem from the annals of Zoviet France. On this record we find the legendary Newcastle-upon-Tyne post-industrial outfit delivering some typically confrontational and challenging material. Across the record they bury the ‘songs’ promised by the album’s title amid washes of distortion, drone and unidentifiable sonic bricolage. The results are classic Zoviet France - otherworldly and unsettling, yet also captivating and shot through with an eerie beauty. Those points where the murk clears and the voices of the singers are afforded a moment of clarity are particularly stunning.

Look Into Me

Zoviet France’s 1990 LP Look Into Me contains both some of the most intense and most contemplative material to emerge from the acclaimed post-industrial outfit’s fruitful late-80s/early-90s period. There are points when Zoviet France’s brooding, slightly occult take on dark ambient and musique concrete reaches a sort of fever-pitch. Opening track ‘Cair Camouflet’ sets the tone on this front, its abrasive loops and static hiss overwhelming the listener with a hypnotic intensity. Throughout Look Into Me we find equally confrontational episodes, but some of the record’s most engaging moments are also its quietest - the hushed incantation of the album’s title on its eponymous track is all the more powerful for its eerie stillness.

Shadow, Thief of the Sun

1991 album Shadow, Thief Of The Sun finds Zoviet France leaning more heavily into granular synthesis and dark ambient than some of the band’s previous work. Of course, those sounds had been prominent on releases from the Newcastle-upon-Tyne group for several years prior to the release of this record. However, whereas previously such styles had been juxtaposed with the more erratic tones of industrial music, sampled loops and musique concrete, this album dissolves itself in a bath of grainy drone. The result is an immersive listen which prefigures the work of Leyland Kirby. Originally issued on cassette, Shadow, Thief Of The Sun now receives its first-ever vinyl pressing.


Collusion is a fascinating record that pushes Zoviet France’s experimental, sound collage and drone sonics into bold new terrain. The compilation is a rarity in several senses of the word. For one thing, the record has, until now, been very hard to track down since its first CD run in 1992 (this pressing represents Collusion’s first time on vinyl). Furthermore, Collusion represents a rare instance of an artist changing their mind - after spending their early years staunchly opposed to the idea of contributing to compilations, the stance of these post-industrial pioneers shifted throughout the 1980s and 1990 to a point where they would actively involve a compiler in the compositional process. The result of these “collusions”, according to the album’s original liner notes, was music that could be “cut up, manipulated and re-worked into new contexts, yet still retain its inherent characteristics”.

Vienna 1990

Vienna 1990 compiles audio from two performances given by cult post-industrial outfit Zoviet France at Vienna’s Ohrenschrauben in 1990. The concerts took place on the 9th and 10th December, and these recordings testify that the music served up on those evenings matched the cold of the deep Winter outside. These unbroken stretches of music find shadowy ambiences haunted by ghostly voices and flickering, alien electronic sounds. There are also moments on Vienna 1990 where the synthetic elements take on a curious, experimental flavour that has one thinking of classic Kosmische synth works. Vienna 1990 is dark, intense listening that will chill and thrill in equal measure.

What Is Not True

What Is Not True features three recordings taken from two concerts given by Zoviet France in March 1993. The first pair of entries come from a gig that the post-industrial pioneers played at Nottingham’s Old Vic, and at this show the group demonstrated their ability to arrange found sounds, occult percussion, disembodied voices and ominous atmospherics into hypnotic collages. Something similar occurs on the fifty-four-minute-long ‘Cyclonic Sub Alien’ - taped at Sheffield’s Leadmill - though this performance also voyages into grinding industrial drone and closes with a passage of hauntological electronics which wouldn’t sound out of place on Ghost Box Records. Previously released as a CD on Charrm, What Is Not True now receives its first vinyl edition.

Further Collusion

Like its predecessor Collusion (1992), Further Collusion is a record which brings together tracks that Zoviet France have contributed to various compilations down the years. The Tyneside post-industrial pioneers have long been feted for their unique approach to making music for compilations - rather than simply offering up a single piece, the outfit often actively involve the compiler in the creation of the music. It is an approach which makes Further Collusion both an LP which demonstrates the many different facets of the Zoviet France sound and also reminds one of how wide the project’s net is cast. Crushing drone, wispy ambience, mind-boggling sonic collage and experimental concrete can all be found here, but the overall listening experience remains awe-inspiring throughout.

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