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Excepción 2020 EP
Massage Brain Cult
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 16, 2020


The mysterious DJ DESOBEDIENTE debuts on Massage Brain Cult - or perhaps ÍÎϪ§s∂∆G∑>–}(:8®ªÎn ©µ¬t, to style the name as they do themselves - with an EP of contemporary electronic music innovations. Like other releases from the label, Excepción 2020 finds an artist putting a new twist on IDM, breakcore and braindance. On the surface DJ DESOBEDIENTE has much in common with the late-90s/early-2000s innovations of imprints such as Rephlex. These tracks push junglist aesthetics into new spaces, the fast-paced drums clattering around alongside alien-sounding modular synths and pensive yet harmonious keyboard lines.

However, DJ DESOBEDIENTE uses their principles and spirit of invention to drive similarly innovative work in the modern age. Take ‘buscavidas 2.92’, a whirling dervish of seasick rhythm which could have been concocted by EVOL after one too many. Tunes like ‘moto a klong phao 4.7.4’ evidence a desire to reinvigorate braindance for modern times which places DJ DESOBEDIENTE alongside the likes of Brainwaltzera, and there is something of Rian Treanor’s hyper-originality in the way that squirming synth sounds are put to work as percussive elements throughout Excepción 2020.

The modern braindance/IDM savants at Massage Brain Cult present their latest innovation in electronics, the Excepción 2020 EP from enigmatic producer DJ DESOBEDIENTE.

  1. 1 Excepción 2020 EP (clips) 14:11

Track List

lágrimas 1 torriko imaginario - 2:04
brigada desobediente internacional 1 - 0:36
posición innata de rebeldía 4v 2.7.3 - 4:10
flores en el nicho 1.8 - 4:45
moto a klong phao 4.7.4 - 3:59

handinhand2.tu mirada - 1:58
buscavidas 2.92 - 4:59
intentos - we tried 20181202.74 - 7:33

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