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System Shapeshift EP
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November 13, 2020


In an age dominated by the digital, it’s a rare occurrence for an artist to be purely dedicated to the analogue. One such artist is Dutch producer Danny Wolfers, a life-long synth music hall-of-famer and analogue synthesiser fanatic who has continually held his own as a proselytiser of organic production within realms of electronic music since he first began in the early 1990s. That’s before we even get to his work under numerous aliases .

It’s significant that System Shapeshift, released under the Legowelt moniker which has seen Wolfers delivering an eye-watering amount of groundbreaking techno and electro releases over the years, should bear the name of his mainline project. By all accounts, System Shapeshift has all the hallmarks of the Legowelt sound; the cosmic space dust textures of ‘Santiago Chile Arp Track’; the electro-inflected synth stabs of ‘Live In Transnistria’; the modular dial-twists of ‘My Dad Was A Lifeguard’. But Wolfers formulates a more club-minded approach to his usual production, recalling early house on the etched out 4/4 of ‘TritonProOneS900’ and an irresistibly vintage, motorised 808 beat of the EP’s title track. Where we might expect to hear a snipped diva vocal sample, we get instead a gloriously viscous acid lead. What’s more, Wolfers seems to be having just as much fun subverting expectations as when he first put tunes on wax.

Released via Lapsus Records club focussed sublabel: C.E.E. - the System Shapeshift EP displays Legowelt's gifted touch with analogue synthesizers, in his own inimitable style.

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