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Dirty Bomb
Daniel Savio
Dirty Bomb
Flogsta Danshall
Catalogue Number
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September 2009
10 Tracks
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Flogsta Danshall, the bastions of the Scandinavian sound of skweee, unleash their debut long player. Produced by skwee vanguard, Daniel Savio, 'Dirty Bomb' is loaded with infectiously catchy tunes that borrow from a multitude of styles such as the UK grime sound, primitive electro-funk, techno and 8-bit chiptunes. Highly recommended!

  1. 1 Dirty Bomb 1:52 Daniel Savio Buy
  2. 2 Ohhh 2:48 Daniel Savio Buy
  3. 3 Kiss of Death 3:08 Daniel Savio Buy
  4. 4 Eyeballs on the Street 4:43 Daniel Savio Buy
  5. 5 Machine against Rage 3:23 Daniel Savio Buy
  6. 6 Monkey P M P 3:16 Daniel Savio Buy
  7. 7 Pulguita 5:05 Daniel Savio Buy
  8. 8 Fraud 2:46 Daniel Savio Buy
  9. 9 Diamond 3:14 Daniel Savio Buy
  10. 10 Hommage 3:25 Daniel Savio Buy

Daniel Savio

Flogsta Danshall

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