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The Night Monitor
Spacemen Mystery of the Terror Triangle
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Release Date
September 18, 2020


Imagine a retelling of a seismic event in the history of UFO sightings taking place in the sleepiest rural corner of the United Kingdom. Now imagine that story rendered as a pulpy, past-future synth odyssey, as played by an individual who may or may not be an extraterrestrial time-traveller themselves. You’re close to something like the bedsit electronic-orchestral, high concept vision of The Night Monitor’s Spacemen Mystery of the Terror Triangle. Microtonal synth shifts and John Carpenter-style melodies abound on this LP; a terrifically haunting setting for spoken word testimonials of alien visitations on tunes like ‘The Silver Giant’.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Spacemen Mystery of the Terror Triangle 2:10 Buy

    Spacemen Mystery of the Terror Triangle

  2. 2 The Broad Haven Visitation 4:06 Buy

    The Broad Haven Visitation

  3. 3 Figures in the Night 2:03 Buy

    Figures in the Night

  4. 4 Ripperston Farm 1:51 Buy
  5. 5 The Silver Giant 3:03 Buy

    The Silver Giant

  6. 6 Bovine Bilocation 1:44 Buy

    Bovine Bilocation

  7. 7 Clones, Cars and Cosmonauts 2:22 Buy

    Clones, Cars and Cosmonauts

  8. 8 The Gates of Uforia 1:21 Buy

    The Gates of Uforia

  9. 9 A Megalithic National Grid 4:01 Buy

    A Megalithic National Grid

  10. 10 The Ley Correlation 0:48 Buy

    The Ley Correlation

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