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Natureboy Flako
Ambitus Of Beauty
Materialized Moments
Catalogue Number
HHV 849
Release Date
September 18, 2020


Berlin-based producer Natureboy Flako scores his very own, updated version of plant music à la Mort Garson’s Plantasia or Haruomi Hosono’s 1980s ambient excursions with the dense overgrowth of synthesised bucolic sonics on Ambitious Of Beauty. Utilising a warm blending of dappled analogue sounds and his own digitally-manipulated voice, Flako crafts biospheres of wandering, curious tunes that incorporate circling thumb pianos and twinkling keys, an approach put to great effect on the gentle, dancing rhythm of ‘Silver Forest Spirits’. A steady, jazz-trained hand runs throughout the natural world of Ambitious Of Beauty, marking Flako out as a genre-mixing genius.

  1. 1 Ode to Piotr Kamler 3:00
  2. 2 Amanecer 1:27
  3. 3 Elegancia Transparente 3:10
  4. 4 Aura Inocente 1:53
  5. 5 Crystals 2:57
  6. 6 Memory Images 2:24
  7. 7 Unspoiled 1:20
  8. 8 Continued Dream 2:01
  9. 9 Towards The Sun 2:02
  10. 10 Roundelay 1:37
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Track List

A1 Ode to Piotr Kamler
A2 Amanecer
A3 Elegancia Transparente
A4 Aura Inocente
A5 Crystals
A6 Memory Images
A7 Unspoiled
A8 Continued Dream

B1 Towards The Sun
B2 Roundelay
B3 Silver Forest Spirits
B4 Synthfonic
B5 Blue Synthasy
B6 Mantra Para Nunu
B7 Contemplation
B8 Susurro

  • Ambitus Of Beauty

  • Ambitus Of Beauty

Natureboy Flako

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Materialized Moments


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