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1995 Epilepsy
1995 Epilepsy
World Music
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May 8, 2020


“Who?”, we hear you ask. Us too. All we know about the enigma of 1995 Epilepsy is that, in some obscure way, it’s a project linked to Dean Blunt, which isn’t too surprising. ‘tug of war’ and ‘liberties’ play with drum and bass styles without quite falling within the remit, thanks to an air of DIY lo-fi tactics. ‘grows’ moulds its proeuction into something closer to harsh noise, while the snipped patchwork vocal of ‘get 2 kno’ recalls Inga Copeland or Tirzah's work with Micachu. Whoever might be behind 1995 Epilepsy, they’ve conceived a fever dream beyond the realms of even the imaginations of those at the furthermost left-field.

Press Release

"I went to the doctors they said when you were last here it was 2014 and i said that seems like a while ago they said and your epileptic i said no, and they said wait whats your name? I told them and they said yeah this is you turned the screen and it said 1995 Epilepsy"

Stepping rudeness on World Music.

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World Music

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