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November 1994
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Amber, the second full-length from Autechre and considered by many to be their ambient opus (though we imagine they wouldn't call it that!) having been out of print on vinyl since 2001.

Amber contains eleven tracks of sparse Ae minimalist machine modules that blur the boundaries between isolationist electronica and richly vivid techno soundscapes. Considered by many fans to be the most crucial recording from the group, it contains some of their most immersive soundscapes to date. Steering away from the post-hardcore dynamics that shone through on Incunabula, Amber moves further away from anything resembling 'techno' and moved into more territories of abstract ambience. These eleven crystal-like cubes of sound came together to produce some of the most mind-bendingly hypnotic sounds to be committed to wax during the 90's. Placing Ae up in the ranks of legendary composers such as Steve Reich and Manuel Gottsching as well as their Artificial Intelligence contemporaries with whom they were crafting the building blocks of the future.There is something uniquely immersive about Amber, it's almost as if as you are playing it the sounds are fading away before they even begin, when played from the start you can lose a lot of time within the endless gradients that adorn its cover, before the sounds just seemingly, disappear.

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  1. 1 Foil 6:04 Autechre Buy
  2. 2 Montreal 7:15 Autechre Buy
  3. 3 Silverside 5:31 Autechre Buy
  4. 4 Slip 6:21 Autechre Buy
  5. 5 Glitch 6:15 Autechre Buy
  6. 6 Piezo 8:00 Autechre Buy
  7. 7 Nine 3:40 Autechre Buy
  8. 8 Further 10:07 Autechre Buy
  9. 9 Yulquen 6:37 Autechre Buy
  10. 10 Nil 7:48 Autechre Buy
  11. 11 Teartear 6:45 Autechre Buy


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