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Valance Drakes
Freedom Is Its Own Kind Of Salary
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September 11, 2020


Press Release

These last 10 years, Valance Drakes (formerly known as MusSck) has recorded a lush bunch of albums and EP's, solo and in collaboration with various music artists. His solo works of surreal experimentalism, turntable styles and textured and layered sound sculptures have been released on Detroit Underground, Amek and M-Tronic. "Freedom Is Its Own Kind Of Salary" is his 4th solo album. "The underground hasn’t the time for vocation to stay in the shadows as those need to give the message of an alternative as when the image becomes more important than the substance everything goes wrong. Valance Drakes is an experimental beatsmith from somewhere in Europe. His sounds usually incorporate field recordings, vinyl samples and software glitches."

Track List

  1. Wondrous Vision Thou Allowest Us To Behold 4' 24''
  2. Loyalty And Honor Above All Else 4' 07''
  3. Wisdom Has A Certain Innocence To It (feat. Anthony Baldino) 3' 29''
  4. A Fool Month Is His Own Destruction 3' 41''
  5. Led By The Beheaded One (Feast On Your Hopes) 3' 53''
  6. Borrowing Your Presence For Their Ego 3' 16''
  7. Familiarity Don’t Breed Gratitude 3' 43''
  8. Time Does Not Heal All Wounds (Reap - Sow) (feat. Surachai) 3' 47''


Experimental and Noise

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