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Various Artists
Group BraCil Presents - happiness, we're all in this together
Group BraCil
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16 April 2020

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Group BraCil present a stellar compilation of feel-good hip hop and a tantalising look at what the label’s future holds. The beats across this disc are unanimously cheery, from Old Paradice city pop-sampling ‘Sunkissed’ through the synth buoyancy of Norm Oddity’s ‘Busalighter’. There’s an uncanny quality to happiness, as bars unfurl with the colloquialisms and dialects of UK hip hop to the sun-dappled rhythm of a production style distinct to LA. It speaks to the global influence of the art form.

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  1. 1 Sunkissed Old Paradice, Confucius MC, Morriarchi 2:28 Kaufen
  2. 2 Just Remember Don Leisure 2:38 Kaufen
  3. 3 Busalighter Norm Oddity, Meslo, Danny Sanchez 3:05 Kaufen
  4. 4 Easy Does It Verbz, bador, Morriarchi 4:00 Kaufen
  5. 5 Mics Still On Norm Oddity 2:04 Kaufen
  6. 6 The Living Tribunal Chuck Enzo 2:13 Kaufen
  7. 7 Suspicious Eyes Violet Springs, Illuzual 2:24 Kaufen
  8. 8 Time Machine Meslo 2:08 Kaufen
  9. 9 Crate Worship Spectacular Diagnostics, Brainorchestra 1:45 Kaufen
  10. 10 My Love Lewps Hekla 3:44 Kaufen
  11. 11 Schweet (Chuck Enzo Remix) Verbz 3:21 Kaufen
  12. 12 Days Like This Carla, Chuck Enzo 2:26 Kaufen
  13. 13 Melt Spectacular Diagnostics 1:47 Kaufen
  14. 14 Wake Up (ArthUrr Remix) Old Paradice, Morriarchi, Confucius MC 3:22 Kaufen
  • Group BraCil Presents - happiness, we're all in this together

Group BraCil

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