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Gabie Strong
My Body Did This To Me
The Tapeworm
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Release Date
September 25, 2020


Press Release

Gabie Strong is the founder of Crystalline Morphologies community imprint, dedicated to releasing experimental sound works by historically underserved Los Angeles women, queer and non-binary artists. She has been working in experimental music since the early 90s. The recordings on this cassette document a series of live performances from 2017-2019 in which the Los Angeles artist Gabie Strong asks, "What does the body sound like when it is making its own music?" A hard-of-hearing interdisciplinary artist, Strong asks us to consider that hearing is subjective, based on how the brain translates the reception of sound. Each track documents a performative questioning in which Strong suggests that being deaf is not living in silence, but rather it is navigating a highly complex and nuanced soundscape of noise that is audible only to the deaf body. For Strong, deafness comes from her own skull working against her, closing off external sounds and sending scrambled messages back to her consciousness. Captured at Ende Tymes 9 Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation, Land and Sea Oakland, Volume at Coaxial and the Sagehen Creek Field Station Experimental Forest, Strong layers the kinetic sound of contact mics running over her body and through her hair, ambiguous vocal utterances and amplified guitar feedback to create a visceral soundscape of her body.

Track List

  1. At Land and Sea 22:33
  2. Living in Thee Ende Tymes 10:42
  3. Post-exostoses 18:32
  4. "The Word for World is Forest" 20:46
  1. 1 At Land and Sea 1:00
  2. 2 Living in Thee Ende Tymes 1:00
  3. 3 Post-exostoses 1:00
  4. 4 The Word for World is Forest 1:00

The Tapeworm

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Experimental and Noise

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