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Electro Muscle Cult
Antoni Maiovvi
Electro Muscle Cult
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May 2009
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Taking cues from the gothic electronics of Goblin/Fabio Frizzi and the hi-gloss NRG of Italo disco, 'Electro Muscle Cult' is a slick 80s synthesizer pastiche that contains 9 tracks that gallop at a racy 133 bpm. Includes a killer version of Frizzi's theme to infamous 80's gore-fest 'Zombie Flash Eaters'.

  1. 1 Tokyo Ultra Funk 7:17 Antoni Maiovvi Buy
  2. 2 Presidente Della Notte 6:39 Antoni Maiovvi Buy
  3. 3 Untitled Instrumental No 4 8:34 Antoni Maiovvi Buy
  4. 4 Cop With A Badge 5:50 Antoni Maiovvi Buy
  5. 5 Profeta di Guerra 5:36 Antoni Maiovvi Buy
  6. 6 Episode One - Pilot 6:40 Antoni Maiovvi Buy
  7. 7 Conquista de la Playa 5:27 Antoni Maiovvi Buy
  8. 8 Risurrezione del Marco (Sequenza 6 and 7) 8:22 Antoni Maiovvi Buy

Antoni Maiovvi

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