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Nosaj Thing
Alpha Pup Records
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October 2009
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Los Angeles producer Jason Chung makes one of the most sophisticated hip-hop records in recent memory. Sharing much of its haunted soul with the claustrophobic sound art of Europe's raster-noton label (Alva Noto, SND, Byetone et al) rather than the ghostly found-sound aesthetic of roommate Flying Lotus, Chung then pitches all this against some neck breaking boom-bap heaviness. With glorious results.

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  1. 1 Quest 1:36 Nosaj Thing Buy
  2. 2 Fog 3:42 Nosaj Thing Buy
  3. 3 Coat of Arms 3:28 Nosaj Thing Buy
  4. 4 IOIO 3:24 Nosaj Thing Buy
  5. 5 1685/Bach 2:48 Nosaj Thing Buy
  6. 6 Caves 3:47 Nosaj Thing Buy
  7. 7 Light #1 2:55 Nosaj Thing Buy
  8. 8 Light #2 3:10 Nosaj Thing Buy
  9. 9 2222 1:59 Nosaj Thing Buy
  10. 10 Us 3:06 Nosaj Thing Buy
  11. 11 Voices 3:20 Nosaj Thing Buy
  12. 12 Lords 3:37 Nosaj Thing Buy

Nosaj Thing

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