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A Pulse Of Durations
Past Inside The Present
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August 7, 2020
  • Vinyl, 1×LP, Limited Coloured

    Pre-order $39.99

    Transparent turquoise vinyl

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    • Spot-varnished sleeve
    • Limited to 200 copies

    Released: August 21, 2020
    Estimated shipping: August 20, 2020

Press Release

With "A Pulse of Durations" I found myself attempting to strip things down to find the beauty of each core idea instead of hoping to find it through further embellishment. During this period, the films of Tarkovsky and Resnais were influential for their atmosphere and dreamlike qualities. The title is taken from Scott Walker's "Angels of Ashes". I've always found it to be a lovely and undefinable phrase." -TG Written, Recorded & Mixed by Todd Gautreau Mastered at SDS Studio (WA) by Drew Sullivan

Pre-order Information

We endeavour to ensure pre-orders reach you on the official release date. The date indicated above is the nearest possible delivery date according to the distributor, and is therefore liable to change at any time in accordance with changes made by the distributor.

  1. 1 Moodboard 1:29
  2. 2 A Pulse Of Durations 1:29
  3. 3 You Saw Nothing In Hiroshima 1:29
  4. 4 The Seashell & The Clergyman 1:29
  5. 5 The Modern Equivalent 1:29
  6. 6 Somnolence 1:29
  7. 7 Your Voice In Other Rooms 1:30
  8. 8 Gnosis 1:29
  9. 9 Light Leak 1:28

Past Inside The Present

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