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Various Artists
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July 17, 2020

Press Release

it's been a while since we decided to open and launch this new project, we were just waiting for the right moment, and maybe we waited too long. or maybe not. we were a little stucked by the indecision of when to put it out, how to contextualize, and all the usual "psychological" practices that one faces before starting a new journey. but ever since we received the masters of this wonderful concentrate of different minds, we have been looking forward to smashing it out. and whether it's the real right time or not, it's now finally here! the true meaning behind this capsule is not so definable in words, perhaps because it is an attempt to look back and forth at the same time, without getting lost in a one concrete definition. but when we got to the tracks, first individually, and then together, it came spontaneous to glimpse something new and unconventional as a whole. we are therefore proud to present another of our musical journeys, this time in certainly more experimental and odd territories. the sounds you hear can definitely be taken as the true manifesto of this new chapter. proto? post? everything in between. ENTER >

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  1. 1 3008 Night Surfin Kreggo + Train To Eltanin 1:36
  2. 2 Test160 Maxwell Simons 1:36
  3. 3 A25 Mi Croevkhas 1:36
  4. 4 Anyways Loraine James 1:36
  5. 5 Phoneme The Horn 1:36
  6. 6 Majic Soup Cyclonix 1:20


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