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AKSK, Adda Kaleh, Suzanne Kraft
Things We Do
Running Back
Catalogue Number
Release Date
July 24, 2020


Press Release

AKSK is the collaborative effort of Adda Kaleh and Suzanne Kraft. Recorded over the course of almost seven years and despite local separation or virtual realities, it sums up the magic that already inhered in their debut song "Breaking“ for Gerd Janson’s "Musik for Autobahns“ compilation on Rush Hour.

An eight track LP of crystalline chansons and pastels pop that features the skills of The Coober Pedy University Band aka CPUB (Tornado Wallace and William Paxton) on dub duties to complete the magical musical mysteries of AKSK.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Breaking (Album Version) 4:17 Buy

    Breaking (Album Version)

  2. 2 Four Lonely Words (Album Version) 4:11 Buy

    Four Lonely Words (Album Version)

  3. 3 Work 4:05 Buy
  4. 4 Special Times & Places 5:24 Buy

    Special Times & Places

  5. 5 Strong Like Nature 5:16 Buy

    Strong Like Nature

  6. 6 Breaking (Instrumental) 4:17 Buy

    Breaking (Instrumental)

  7. 7 Four Lonely Words (CPUB Dub) 4:21 Buy

    Four Lonely Words (CPUB Dub)

  8. 8 Strong Like Nature (CPUB Dub) 5:16 Buy

    Strong Like Nature (CPUB Dub)


Side 1:

  1. Breaking
  2. Four Lonely Words
  3. Work
  4. Special Times

Side 2:

  1. Strong Like Nature
  2. Breaking (Instrumental)
  3. Four Lonely Words (CPUB Dub)
  4. Strong Like Nature (CPUB Dub)

Running Back

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Experimental Pop and New Wave

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