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A Certain Ratio
ACR Loco
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 25, 2020
  • Vinyl, 1×LP, Limited Coloured

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    • First pressing
    • Limited signed art card
    • Available on 1 of 4 colours: White, Blue, Red, Turquoise
    • Packed randomly with no external cue to the colour
    • White Vinyl – very rare (300 copies pressed)- Foil blocked sleeve designed by Trevor Johnson
    • Includes download card

    Estimated shipping: September 24, 2020

  • CD

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    • Card pack with booklet
    • Signed art card (1 of 2 designs)

    Estimated shipping: September 24, 2020

  • Cassette

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    • White case
    • Includes high definition audio files
    • Signed art card (1 of 2 designs)

    Estimated shipping: September 24, 2020

MP3 download with all Vinyl, CD, Cassette purchases, delivered on release date: 09.25.20


Press Release

Back with their first new album in 12 years, a confident and revitalised ACR jumped back into the studio following their most successful tour in over 20 years.

ACR Loco feels like an accumulation of ACR's DNA from point zero in 1977 through to 2020 and sounds like a band who have effortlessly perfected their craft.

An album to dance to, cry to, fall in love to and most importantly, to party to.

ACR Loco by the core ACR members Jez Kerr, Martin Moscrop and Donald Johnson, are joined by long term partners Tony Quigley, Denise Johnson and Matt Steele, plus special guests Sink Ya Teeth’s Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford, Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey and Manchester luminaries Mike Joyce and Eric Random.

Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl

First pressing available on 1 of 4 colours: White, Blue, Red, Turquoise. Each colour is of varying rarity and will be randomly packed with no external cue as to which colour is available within the package.

White Vinyl – very rare (300 copies pressed)

Blue Vinyl – quite rare (600 copies pressed)

Red Vinyl – fairly rare (900 copies pressed)

Turquoise Vinyl – rare (1200 copies pressed)

Pre-order Information

We endeavour to ensure pre-orders reach you on the official release date. The date indicated above is the nearest possible delivery date according to the distributor, and is therefore liable to change at any time in accordance with changes made by the distributor.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Friends Around Us 5:56
  2. 2 Bouncy Bouncy 4:18
  3. 3 Yo Yo Gi 5:12
  4. 4 Supafreak 5:16
  5. 5 Always In Love 3:51
  6. 6 Family 4:52
  7. 7 Get A Grip 4:53
  8. 8 Berlin 4:08
  9. 9 What's Wrong 4:45
  10. 10 Taxi Guy 6:52

A Certain Ratio

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Minimal Wave and Post-punk

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