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Never Come Back (Four Tet Remix)
City Slang
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15 maggio 2020


This limited 12" sees Four Tet and Morgan Geist remixing Caribou’s album highlight ‘Never Come Back’. Just the mention of those three names in tandem is enough to get fans salivating, but the trio may even exceed expectations here.

The joyous piano stomp with which Four Tet begins his remix of ‘Never Come Back’ is something of a red herring. You would be forgiven for thinking that, from this point on, Four Tet was going to lean hard into the hands-in-the-air piano-house sound that lurks within the Caribou original. Indeed, he even does something like this for the first couple of minutes, layering up a chattering synth bassline, programmed drum rolls and Snaith’s breathy vocals in a way which appears to be building to something euphoric. However, around half way in, the track takes a hard left, with many of the instruments exiting and Four Tet instead letting the bassline take centre stage. As the track progresses the low-end becomes more erratic and acidic, leaping about all over the place and causing the drums to follow suit. It is a delightfully unexpected switch-up which may even hint at further acid exploration from Four Tet in the future.

Geist’s take on ‘Never Come Back’ sticks closer to the source material. This version is more of an edit than a complete reshaping, with the melodic brightness of the original still shining through. However, the Metro Area/Storm Queen fellow’s impeccable rhythmic ear and penchant for delightful little production flourishes - occasional rumbles of bass, skittering drums - give his remix a character all of its own. His flip also runs to a meaty seven minutes, a lengthening which is sure to delight many DJs.

Morgan Geist and Four Tet both bring the party - albeit in different ways - on their remixes of Caribou’s ‘Never Come Back’.

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