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Future Twenty-Four
Schematic Music Company & Not Applicable
Catalogue Number
Release Date
July 3, 2020

Press Release

This album is about:

Ended somewhere in an energy time loop called "Future Twenty-Four”.

A very weird place but a mega good area, where days needs resonances and safety-abstrakt figurative drawings put in to groundwork patterns of feelings, colors and sounds.

It's close to a creek and a small fire-spot with a mix of fiction, joy, fear, sincerity, openness, nature, erotic, space, beautiful, ugly, moment, future and past,

inside a big open box made of watery fat paper. In this kind of sukiya-zukuri, it was like all dreams become realities, and some realities become dreams.

in the end I discovered it doesn't matter, peace and love!.. :)

Wrtten, produced by Oliver Duckert Layout, poster, booklet by Mads Westrup Bowl painting on b-side label by Falke Duckert Mastered by Doug Henderson

Digital Track List

  1. 1 1 - Shōjiki (økkhnffddw43rtyui) 13:35 Buy

    1 - Shōjiki (økkhnffddw43rtyui)

  2. 2 2 - Piece Of Things (Bhus Sonic Resonances) 5:50 Buy

    2 - Piece Of Things (Bhus Sonic Resonances)

  3. 3 3 - SP-0 (Space Leslie Lovers) 4:15 Buy

    3 - SP-0 (Space Leslie Lovers)

  4. 4 4 - Kruplog (愛喜び惑星音力 与え) 5:33 Buy

    4 - Kruplog (愛喜び惑星音力 与え)

  5. 5 5 - Zlisken & Wronika (エネルギ花安全) 2:16 Buy

    5 - Zlisken & Wronika (エネルギ花安全)

  6. 6 6 - Aitea (民間愛氷迷路) 9:10 Buy

    6 - Aitea (民間愛氷迷路)

  7. 7 7 - Bamberta (Mirai Genzai Tsuyoi) (ホップ蝶愛) 5:26 Buy

    7 - Bamberta (Mirai Genzai Tsuyoi) (ホップ蝶愛)


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