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Bérangère Maximin
Land of Waves
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 26, 2020


When you listen to Land Of Waves, the sixth LP from French sound artist Bérangère Maximin, you get the sense that you have been dropped into a rainforest at night. These moody pieces are full of chittering, rumbles, groans and all sorts of other sounds which are difficult to discern as synthetic or organic in origin. Add in the occasional gloss of electronics or faint rhythmic pulses and you have yourself an intriguing set of fourth world compositions which come off like a more abstract take on some of RAMZi’s music. Land of Waves is as fitting a descriptor for this release as any, a great expanse full of receding and preceding textures and sonic spaces, synthesised noise and field recordings expanding and contracting in and out of rhythm. Fires crackle, seagulls cry, kalimbas amble, cicadas chirp; listen long enough and you’ll lose yourself in the biosphere of noise.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Day 41 9:46 Buy
  2. 2 Kalimba Rough 3:29 Buy
  3. 3 The Broken Shoe 4:03 Buy

    The Broken Shoe

  4. 4 A Kind of Night Ritual 3:25 Buy

    A Kind of Night Ritual

  5. 5 Full Jungle 4:13 Buy
  6. 6 Off the Page 9:00 Buy
  7. 7 L'Echappee 19:48
  8. 8 Walking Barefoot, Imaginary Quintet 9:44 Buy

    Walking Barefoot, Imaginary Quintet

  9. 9 Des Tigres Multicolores 3:41 Buy

    Des Tigres Multicolores

  10. 10 The Thread 8:25 Buy

Bérangère Maximin


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