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Minecraft Vol Beta
Ghostly International
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 14, 2020


2015 saw Ghostly International press up the first album of music made by composer C418 (Daniel Rosenfeld) for the Minecraft series - a collection Rosenfeld had previously self-released in 2011 as Minecraft Volume Alpha. Now the label repeats the trick with Minecraft Volume Beta, the follow-up LP which initially emerged in 2013.

Those who play Minecraft regularly will know that C418’s compositions for the game are quietly vivid bits of world-building soundscapes. Stylistically the album hovers on the border between IDM and ambient composition. Many of the tracks tend towards a weightless style which, while achieved via synthetic instrumentation, maintains an organic, almost utopian quality. It’s a sound which means that C418’s music here is as reminiscent of Brian Eno’s pioneering ambient work or the scene-setting atmospherics one finds on some FaltyDL albums as it is of fellow video game music composers like Lena Raine.

Mind you, there are some moments where dark clouds appear on the horizon - after all, it’s not for nothing that Minecraft Volume Beta has become known among fans of the game as a somewhat moodier collection than its predecessor. On this count one should check the fifteen-minute-long epic ‘The End’, a cut which is shrouded in the grainy textures and ominous drones that one associates with Biosphere.

Ghostly’s new editions represent the music’s first outing on vinyl - please be aware that, while the digital re-release presents the album in full, not all thirty tracks were able to fit onto Ghostly’s double-LP pressing. The full set is included on a download card which comes alongside the vinyl.

  1. 1 Ki 1:32
  2. 2 Alpha 10:03
  3. 3 Dead Voxel 4:56
  4. 4 Blind Spots 5:32
  5. 5 Flake 2:50

Vinyl Track List

A1. Ki
A2. Alpha
A3. Blind Spots
A4. Mutation
B1. Biome Fest
B2. Aria Math
B3. Taswell
C 1. Beginning 2
C2. Moog City 2
C3. The End
D1. Kyoto
D2. Chirp
D3. Mellohi
D4. Stal
D5. Eleven
D6. Far
D7. Intro
**download card (included) contains full tracklist

Digital Track List

  1. Ki
  2. Alpha
  3. Dead Voxel
  4. Blind Spots
  5. Flake
  6. Moog City 2
  7. Concrete Halls
  8. Biome Fest
  9. Mutation
  10. Haunt Muskie
  11. Warmth
  12. Floating Trees
  13. Aria Math
  14. Kyoto
  15. Ballad of the Cats
  16. Taswell
  17. Beginning 2
  18. Dreiton
  19. The End
  20. Chirp
  21. Wait
  22. Mellohi
  23. Stal
  24. Strad
  25. Eleven
  26. Ward
  27. Mall
  28. Blocks
  29. Far
  30. Intro


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