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Sammy Osmo (Legowelt)
Schaduw Horizon
Catalogue Number
Release Date
21 agosto 2020


Originally released on CDR and Cassette by Danny Wolfers’ (aka Sammy Osmo, Legowelt) own Strange Life imprint in 2008, Utter brings the divinity of Wolfers’ Schaduw Horizon to the fans who missed out. As a loose conceptual work full of cold war imagery and noir shadow plays, stylistic hops come with the territory on an album that sounds more like a movie soundtrack to a film that never was than a straightforward LP. Wolfers leaps from the driving electro of ‘Geheimzinnige Helikopter Basis/Regen’ and ‘Spannings Bas’ to the atmospheric submarine ambience of ‘Men Spreekt Over Atlantis’ and ‘Verdwaald In De Waddenzee’.

  1. 1 Radar Bol (main Theme) 1:59
  2. 2 Verlaten Dierentuin Wassenaar 1:59
  3. 3 Geheimzinnige Helikopter Basis/Regen 2:00
  4. 4 Liquidatie Bij Albert's Corner 1:59
  5. 5 Men Spreekt Over Atlantis 1:59
  6. 6 Valscherm Malfunction (Ongeluk) 1:44
  7. 7 Spannings Bas 1:59
  8. 8 Albert Helpt Met Inpakken 1:59
  9. 9 Nachtelijk Konvooi Op De N44 2:00
  10. 10 Moord Op De Kagerplas 2:00
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