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The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller
Dimensional Shifting
Solar One Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 29, 2020


It’s been four years since their maiden voyage Project STS-31, but the combined project of The Exaltics and Heinrich Mueller — that’s Solar One Music cofounder Robert Witschakowski and Dopplereffekt's Gerald Donald — show that there are plenty more celestial bodies to explore. Dimensional Shifting boasts the duo’s trademark electro sound across ten tracks of space aged ascension. ‘Temporal Matrix’ ramps up the tension with sequenced bass and ominous pads, while the likes of ‘Signal Filtering From Interstellar Noise’ resumes the heavy swagger for which the team have come to be known.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Temporal Matrix 1:22 Buy

    Temporal Matrix

  2. 2 Hologram Universe 4:12 Buy

    Hologram Universe

  3. 3 Signal Filtering from Interstellar Noise 4:31 Buy

    Signal Filtering from Interstellar Noise

  4. 4 Encoder 4:04 Buy
  5. 5 Time Aperture 4:38 Buy
  6. 6 3.26 Parallax Seconds 3:52 Buy

    3.26 Parallax Seconds

  7. 7 Search for Artificial Intelligence 2:30 Buy

    Search for Artificial Intelligence

  8. 8 Dimensional Shift 3:24 Buy

    Dimensional Shift

  9. 9 Microwave Photon 3:39 Buy

    Microwave Photon

  10. 10 Closing of the EPR Bridge 2:56 Buy

    Closing of the EPR Bridge

Solar One Music

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