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Remano Eszildn
Planet Mu
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March 2009
18 Tracks
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Retro-futurist detonator debut from Scotland's Remano Eszildn. Deviating from current sonic patterns seems a wise move, for this is a record that bursts with neon acid squiggles, schizo hi-hats and sustained analogue pads. Overall flavour is one of giddy exuberance and fizzy, intricately crafted electronica. Dynamite!

  1. 1 R-Track 3:06 Remano Eszildn Buy
  2. 2 Kinnoull 2:31 Remano Eszildn Buy
  3. 3 J-Track 4:25 Remano Eszildn Buy
  4. 4 Rat Trap Bond 2:15 Remano Eszildn Buy
  5. 5 Gulamag 2:31 Remano Eszildn Buy
  6. 6 S-Track 1:07 Remano Eszildn Buy
  7. 7 The Brink 4:38 Remano Eszildn Buy
  8. 8 Countdown To Meltdown 3:14 Remano Eszildn Buy
  9. 9 Audio80 1:14 Remano Eszildn Buy
  10. 10 Telistrex 3:22 Remano Eszildn Buy
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Planet Mu

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Electronic and Electronica

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