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Nothing Picked and Placed Nowhere
Where It's At Is Where You Are
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Release Date
July 10, 2020


Press Release

"ISAN are the latest act to rise to the challenge – for your convenience they have provided a 7 minute edit, and a 77 second super-edit, alongside the full 77 minute opus. Think of a sonic pencil case full of recently sharpened electronic chimes and breezes, tweets and wooshes, swirls and hovers and even some plinks and plonks. ISAN - “On the outskirts of now-deserted Hapfelzdorf in the former GXD lies the vast, abandoned Zwip-Con Mega-Fac #77. Input bays are empty of supply pods, output bays with corrugated shutters are closed. Solar panels still glisten on the roof, a wind-farm sussurates in the constant, persistent NoSeason breeze. Non-stop power for a non-op facility. Inside, automata whirr over empty production lines. Conveyor belts deliver only the empty promise of work to bots operating on pre-programmed habit alone. Warehouse mechanicals serenely optimise acres of empty rack-space. A cleaning clone sweeps, oblivious to the wild dog barking at its solenoid ankles. Birds roost in the rafters. Nature infiltrates.”

From minimalism to melody and back again, Isan have been navigating the aural Autobahn since a chance meeting brought together Robin Saville and Antony Ryan in 1996. With Robin based in England and Antony residing in Denmark, they creatively communicate via email, telephone and postcard. Notes are compared and directions assimilated or abandoned, they prefer to allow their sound to develop on its own. Continually progressing their passion for sound, Isan are not afraid of giving their analogue tone poems space to breathe, placing as much importance on void and silence as on sounds – sometimes vibrant and scratchy, sometimes hymnal and opulent. Their sonic design sits somewhere between the Düsseldorf sounds of Kraftwerk and neu!, the invention of a young Eno and the smart-pop expertise of the Cocteau Twins. They’ve remixed and been remixed by the likes of Depeche Mode, The Notwist, Seefeel and Piano Magic amongst others."

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Nothing Picked And Placed Nowhere 77:00
  2. 2 Nothing Picked And Placed Nowhere (7 Minute Edit) 7:00 Buy

    Nothing Picked And Placed Nowhere (7 Minute Edit)

  3. 3 Nothing Picked And Placed Nowhere (77 Second Edit) 1:17 Buy

    Nothing Picked And Placed Nowhere (77 Second Edit)


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