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Greg Fox
RVNG Intl.
Catalogue Number
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May 29, 2020

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Never quite pleased with settling on a single sound, the multidisciplinary mind of Greg Fox ricochets off the wondrous cosmic jazz and synth odysseys of 2017’s The Gradual Progression with the paired back percussion of Contact. We use ‘paired back’ very loosely here; there’s nothing about the cacophonous drum trills of ‘Arising and Passing’ and ‘Contact (sukha & somanassa)’ that implies mellowing out. A wily drum kit largely speaks for itself throughout the LP, invoking the same hypnotism one might feel watching a live drummer beat away at the skins.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Vedana 3:10 Buy
  2. 2 Arising and Passing 4:53 Buy

    Arising and Passing

  3. 3 Contact (sukha & somanassa) 3:14 Buy

    Contact (sukha & somanassa)

  4. 4 Parasthesia 5:46 Buy
  5. 5 Contact (dukkha & domanassa) 4:10 Buy

    Contact (dukkha & domanassa)

  6. 6 Ill Being 6:15 Buy
  7. 7 From the Cessation of What 8:37 Buy

    From the Cessation of What

  8. 8 Contact (upekkh?) 7:28 Buy

    Contact (upekkh?)

Greg Fox

RVNG Intl.

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Experimental and Noise

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