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Various Artists
Touched Electronix 005
Touched Electronix
Catalogue Number
Release Date
July 10, 2020


Further Electronix and Touched Music link once more for the fifth instalment of their fantastic Touched Electronix compilations. As was the case on the previous volumes, Touched Electronix 005 features a feast of productions from some of the prime movers and shakers in modern electronic music.

This collection finds Touched Electronix delving once more into the worlds of acid, electro, braindance and their related genres. Many tracks are helmed by zippy and melody-rich 303s. Sometimes the acidic tones are used to cook up sturdy mid-tempo club tracks - see entries from Humanoid, Anders Ilar and As One on this count - but by and large the vibe here is geared towards exuberance. 808 State, for instance, deliver a typically wriggly acid delight in the form of ‘Ariel’, while there is a chirpy bounce to both the drums and lead-line of Tunik’s ‘Furthur Journeys’.

Other contributors throw caution to the wind almost completely. Corporeal Face offers up a whirring junglist highlight of ‘50 Monster’, a track which is swiftly followed by the cavernous techno boom of Kreggo’s excellently-named ‘Acid Has The Right To Children’. However, faster tempos don’t necessarily mean more unhinged production on Touched Electronix 005 - John Kreggo’s ‘When It Rains’ may be anchored by jungle breaks, but the jazzy sombreness of the samples and keys has one thinking of dgoHn.

Touched Electronix 005 is the latest smörgåsbord of delightful electronic productions from the united forces of labels Further Electronix and Touched Music.

  1. 1 A1. Tower Humanoid 1:39
  2. 2 A2. Ariel 808 State 1:37
  3. 3 A3. Believe Everything As One 1:36
  4. 4 B1. Clouds Are Made In Factories ANDERS ILAR 1:37
  5. 5 B2. Dog Chin Datassette 1:37
  6. 6 B3. Omnsrets Octavcat 1:42
  7. 7 C1. Turn Up The Sound DAWL 1:36
  8. 8 C2. When It Rains John Beltran 1:36
  9. 9 C3. 50 Monster Corporeal Face 1:41
  10. 10 D1. Acid Has The Right To Children Kreggo 1:32
  11. 11 D2. Rhodes Thang Extrawelt 1:32
  12. 12 D3. Furthur Journeys Tunik 1:36

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