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Various Artists
Bird Cage: Birdfriend
Em Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 22, 2020


Presented by Koshiro Hino aka YPY’s Em Records, the strange and wonderful world of Bird Cage: Birdfriend boasts a wildly irreverent smorgasbord of hard-to-find tracks courtesy of Japan’s greatest unknowns. The comp itself flits between many shapes and sizes of weirdo dance music, from the blown-out bass stomp of Shimetta-inu’s ‘Bird Peck at Dead Dog’ to the interstellar bedroom noise of JMT Synth Pinosaku’s ‘Tansun’. This is sure to reward the curious listener.

  1. 1 M.N.L Sofheso 1:31
  2. 2 Bird Peck at Dead Dog Shimetta-inu 1:32
  3. 3 Fastest Motor NEW MANUKE 1:32
  4. 4 BFMIX B-3 YPY 1:31
  5. 5 Tansun JMT Synth Pinosaku 1:01
  6. 6 Dog is Surrounded by Birds Shimettainu 1:34
  7. 7 Vector Milk UNBE 1:31
  8. 8 The Damo UFO YPY 1:52
  9. 9 Reforest 1 Micro Futoshi 1:30
  10. 10 Sleep Talk Inoue Shirabe 1:34
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