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Going Good
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June 12, 2020


Contemporary German electronics recorded at the now infamous Neues Deutschland Studio in Berlin from SVN. Those who keep an eye on SVN may have clocked the producer’s 2017 EP, also entitled Mechine, which dropped via his own SUED label. A set of stunning grainy minimal house jams in the vein of Delroy Edwards via Dieter Moebius, the record informs this new Mechine 2x12" that emerges through Salik and BrianNotBrian's Going Good label.

Expanded from four tracks to fourteen, the new Mechine is anchored by some similarly saturated club joints. While the production and mixing here are super tight, many of the tracks still come cloaked in a grainy tape hiss that imbues them with a curious intimacy. There’s plenty on Mechine which will blend nicely with drops from Apollo, Acido or Sex Tags Mania, all of which are former SVN stomping-grounds.

The expanded length of this particular Mechine also allows SVN to gently prod at the record’s core style, ushering it into some pleasantly alien territory as a result. There are moments when the intricate drum patterns and low-lit keyboard tones take on a quality pitched somewhere between Haruomi Hosono-style melodiousness and the hazy bedroom kosmische of, say, Hype Williams. A slight dubby flavour to some of the production also nudges Mechine towards the smoked out seekersinternational sound at points.

SVN takes us for a ride in his new Mechine, a collection of coy and playful bedroom beats.


Going Good

Experimental House and Techno

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