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Con Todo El Mundo & Hasta El Cielo Bundle
Night Time Stories
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May 1, 2020


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  • Con Todo El Mundo + Hasta El Cielo (Black vinyl) + The Universe Smiles:

    • The Universe Smiles Upon You Vinyl, 1×LP

    • Hasta El Cielo (Con Todo El Mundo In Dub) Vinyl, 1×LP + 7”

    • Con Todo El Mundo Vinyl, 1×LP Black vinyl

    • + MP3

    Available: May 1, 2020

Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo 2xLP + Bleep exclusive 12x12" print

Con Todo El Mundo sees Khruangbin lifting inspiration from under-discovered funk and soul sounds of the Middle-East, particularly from Iran. Con Todo El Mundo is the sort of dazzling fuzz guitar and heavy drums mixtape that you wish someone would compile for you. For us, it is undoubtedly 2018s most heady soundtrack of classic soul, dub and psychedelia.

What made Con Todo El Mundo one of the years album highlights for us was the way that Khruangbin took the sounds of soul, dub and psychedelia, and transformed them into something that not only sounds incredibly fresh and exciting but also opened the door to many unfamiliar with the sounds being transmitted from this corner of the record shop. For those uninitiated, Khruangbin is made up of the self-titled globetrotting Texan trio Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald “DJ” Johnson on drums. The group's brand of global funk reaches into every corner of reverb-heavy psych and gives the much trawled through sound a modern, rather refreshing spin.

While it is undoubtedly an album at heart, those who haven't touched base with the group could do best to imagine it as the sort of dazzling fuzz guitar and heavy drums mixtape that you wish someone would compile for you, as an entry point to this style and sound, somewhere between Selda to Shoom revival playlists and beyond. Con Todo El Mundo is one of those gateway records, an eye and ear opener for those unfamiliar with this sound, a great representation of the moment when you hear something and think "wow, this is great, this is my new genre".

With Con Todo El Mundo is the perfect gateway in toward the wonderful sound world of this unique group.

Khruangbin - Hasta El Cielo (Con Todo El Mundo In Dub) 1xLP + 7"

Khruangbin have dabbled in dub before. Dub versions of cuts from the band’s 2015 debut LP The Universe Smiles Upon You surfaced on two 2016 EPs, and the video for their single ‘Two Fish And An Elephant’ features a dub rendering of the same track. However, new album Hasta El Cielo is the first time the Texan trio have celebrated their love of dub over the course of a full-length record.

Hasta El Cielo sees Khruangbin dubbing their hugely successful second album, 2018’s Con Todo El Mundo. Con Todo El Mundo was an LP already steeped in dubwise aesthetics, and this means that the originals lend themselves well to reinterpretation. Laura Lee’s bass style has always had a particularly strong dub feel to it - unsurprising given that she learned to play the instrument listening to Scientist’s Scientist Wins The World Cup - and her rocksteady playing helps to anchor Hasta El Cielo as it spirals off into the cosmos.

Many of the tracks here coast along nicely, with Lee’s basslines augmented by delay-drenched drums and little chemtrails of keyboard or guitar. There are moments when the pace picks up - ‘A La Sala’ is a discofied delight - but largely this record remains a chilled, head-nodding affair. Scientist himself surfaces at the back end of Hasta El Cielo with two versions of his own, something that must have been a real pinch-yourself moment for Lee.

Khruangbin go to the moon with Hasta El Cielo, the delightful dubbed-out version of their 2018 LP Con Todo El Mundo.


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