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Beatriz Ferreyra
Huellas Entreveradas
Persistence of Sound
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Release Date
May 5, 2020


One of the pioneers of electroacoustic composition. Joining Pierre Schaeffer’s unfathomably influential Groupe De Recherches Musicales in 1963. Produced in pro tools with GRM plug-ins, this record displays a series of sharp impulsions, reputations and percussive audio attacks on the sense. Focusses on extreme panning to induce the listening into another auditory world.

La ba-balle du chien-chien à la me-mère [The ball of the old lady’s dog] (2001) is a playful take on the way that we speak in a childlike way to pets. A brief narrative at the start invites the listener into this ‘pet speak’ scene, with the sound of footsteps and chatter. These gradually crescendo and morph into a cacophonous swirling explosion. Deux Dents Dehors [Two teeth sticking out] (2007) is a pun on Bernard Parmegiani’s piece Dedans Dehors [Inside Outside] (1977), composed for his birthday. It takes snippets of lively vernacular and processes these into complex patterns of unintelligible and unrecognisable speech sounds, in sustained or percussive sequences. Heullas Entreveradas [Intertwined footprints] (2018) is a new commission that transforms vocal sounds into choral textures which fragment, granulate and transform into continuous whorls and tidal washes interspersed with her trademark short silences.

Track 1
2018. Commissioned by DEGEM (German Association of Electroacoustic Music). Traces, footprints cross, disappear, hide, become fluid, faint before the maze of memory, or perhaps during a hike through an unknown landscape.

Track 2
2001. Commissioned by G.M.E.B. (Groupe de musique électroacoustique de Bourges). Dedicated to Tim, Oggi, Justine and all dogs with a grandma. What can a ball, a dog and a grand-mother do, between storm and sunshine, in the country, except play? This music is specially conceived for people who have one or more dogs of any breed, size, colour, degree of ferocity and I.Q.

Track 3
2007. For Bernard Parmegiani’s 80th birthday. The title is a joke that Philippe Mion made, looking at me and touching his teeth just before a performance of Bernard Parmegiani’s piece ‘Dedans Dehors’ (inside, outside). It was really very difficult for me not to laugh because in French we pronounce these two titles exactly the same.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Huellas Entreveradas 14:35 Buy

    Huellas Entreveradas

  2. 2 La Ba-Balle du Chien-Chien a la Me-Mere 11:18 Buy

    La Ba-Balle du Chien-Chien a la Me-Mere

  3. 3 Deux Dents Dehors 4:00 Buy

    Deux Dents Dehors

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