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Seminal Ambient Artists Essential Bundle
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April 3, 2020

Laraaji - Celestial Music 1978 - 2011

‘Celestial Music 1978 – 2011’ is part of a trio of re-releases from All Saints Records of new age ambient pioneer Laraaji. Arguably the most exciting of the trio, ‘Celestial Music 1978 – 2011’ brings together a collection of early recordings, unreleased tracks and interesting collaborations with artists such as Bill Laswell, Michael Brook and Brian Eno. Harmonics are rife on ‘All Pervading’ which draws a hypnotic state through experimentation in pitch, speed and melody.

Jon Hassell - Vernal Equinox (Remastered)

Many consider fourth world’s Year Zero to be Jon Hassell’s 1977 debut LP Vernal Equinox. Over the years Hassell’s name has become synonymous with the genre, but at the time the innovations he and his ensemble made on this LP laid the foundations for a brave new (fourth) world. Backed by percussionist Naná Vasconcelos, synth-player David Rosenboom and an array of guest musicians, Hassell leads us into lush and verdant sonic terrain here. A potent brew of styles can be discerned in the fourth world DNA - Indian raga, spiritual jazz, Brian Eno’s ambient LPs, the devotional music that Alice Coltrane was making around the same time - and the likes of Midori Takada owe Hassell a huge debt.

Brian Eno - Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks (Extended Edition)

Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, recorded and performed by Brian Eno together with his brother Roger and Daniel Lanois as a soundtrack to the 1983 feature-length documentary For All Mankind, understands that space travel is an extension of humanity, and not a break from it. Expanding on the ambient approach formerly codified by Brian Eno with 1975’s Discreet Music, the celestial textures of Apollo invoke a futurist pastoralism; great swathes of blissful ambience unfolding over delicately strummed guitars, flitting from graceful candour to trepidatious pause. Well before ambient music became a ubiquity on streaming platforms, the two Enos and Lanois were using it to invoke humanity’s future and, in essence, predicted it. Remastered and rereleased here to coincide with the Apollo mission’s 50th anniversary, this expanded edition includes 11 new compositions by the original trio, working together for the first time since the work’s release.


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