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Love Spectrum
Timetable Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
24 kwiecień 2020


Sacramento, California’s Whoarei — an enigma doubled by their obscurantist approach to lo-fi hip hop-meets-electronic RnB and fittingly mangled vocal style. Love Spectrum, by some accounts a debut full-length proper to elevate the game set by 2013’s Nothing and 2017’s collection of tunes Vibrations, comes off as a wildly self-assured formal introduction. From the opening spare beat and luscious organ of ‘Tell Me (Heaven Maybe Certain)’, through the early James Blake-recalling ‘I Love You, Cookie’ and the string-adorned title track, we become privy to an artist unafraid of incomprehension.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Tell Me (Heaven Maybe Certain) 3:02 Kup

    Tell Me (Heaven Maybe Certain)

  2. 2 Brown Eyes 2:46 Kup
  3. 3 I Love You, Cookie 3:33 Kup
  4. 4 Acro Iris 3:56 Kup
  5. 5 Loving You Aint Complicated 2:13 Kup

    Loving You Aint Complicated

  6. 6 Nothing But You (feat. Nami Ramo) 4:07 Kup

    Nothing But You (feat. Nami Ramo)

  7. 7 She Lives In My Dreams 3:37 Kup

    She Lives In My Dreams

  8. 8 Booty 3:12 Kup
  9. 9 Ideasynthesize 2:59 Kup
  10. 10 Adore 2:20 Kup
  11. 11 Lasers Will Get Us There 2:25 Kup

    Lasers Will Get Us There

  12. 12 Sunshine Will Bring Us Together 2:12 Kup

    Sunshine Will Bring Us Together

  13. 13 To You (Higher) 2:39 Kup
  14. 14 Love Spectrum 3:00 Kup


Timetable Records

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