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Undesignated Proximate
Love Love Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 17, 2020


Undesignated Proximate is a typically innovative set of drum ‘n’ bass takes from dgoHn, surely one of the modern scene’s most forward-thinking artists. The production on the drums here is choppy enough to pass for breakbeat, but Undesignated Proximate’s fills contain none of the volatility that usually comes with records in the genre. Rather, these tracks are generally smooth listens, their drums coasting rather than clattering. Only occasionally do we sense instability, and even then dgoHn’s careful synth work always manages to keep things in balance. Indeed, on a cut like ‘Robin’s Windmill’ we find some dreamy faraway synth tones providing a pleasant sense of drift that is weirdly reminiscent of The Orb.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Daisy Takes Two 5:18 Buy

    Daisy Takes Two

  2. 2 Lucky Gonk 3:05 Buy
  3. 3 AF0156984 5:43 Buy
  4. 4 Electryon 5:55 Buy
  5. 5 Robin_s Windmill 3:29 Buy

    Robin_s Windmill

  6. 6 Conty 4:09 Buy
  7. 7 Ninnyhammer 5:29 Buy
  8. 8 Turnips Are Ok 5:48 Buy

    Turnips Are Ok

  9. 9 Stachybotrys 6:29 Buy
  10. 10 Invisible Sandwich 5:41 Buy

    Invisible Sandwich

  11. 11 Puppet 6:09 Buy
  12. 12 Windy 6:24 Buy
  • Undesignated Proximate


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