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Lost Acid Tapes II
Furthur Electronix
Catalogue Number
FE 026
Release Date
February 21, 2020


Back in 2018 the veteran producer Can Oral dropped an album entitled Lost Acid Tapes under his Khan alias. As the record’s title signposted, Lost Acid Tapes was a collection of acid techno grooves that Oral had laid down between 1994 and 1996. Having self-released that particular album, Khan now brings forth the second Lost Acid Tape via Further Electronix (Brainwaltzera, D’Arcangelo).

Lost Acid Tapes 2 is another collection which simultaneously presents both the playful and more hard-edged sides of Khan’s sound. There is something mischievous to cuts like ‘Acidonia’ and ‘Fatty Acid’, the squiggling 303 grooves and dinky synth leads intermingling IDM and braindance influences with more straightlaced acid tones. ‘Fatty Acid’ also has some real heft to its groove, and other cuts on Lost Acid Tapes 2 - ‘Heartache’, ‘No. 2’ - run with that stomping club sound. This is also an LP of quietly ambitious productions, something hinted at by the lengthy runtimes of many numbers here. Closer ‘We're Alone (Slow And Long Mix)’ runs to over twelve minutes yet never feels overlong, its lilting beat avoiding downtempo for a meditative acid burble with some UNKLE in its DNA.

Acid heads with a mischievous side will find plenty to love in the second of Khan’s Lost Acid Tapes.

  1. 1 Acidonia 1:57
  2. 2 Fatty Acid 1:56
  3. 3 Heartache 1:48
  4. 4 Bacteria 1:54
  5. 5 No2 1:55
  6. 6 Blizz! 1:51
  7. 7 We're Alone 1:52

A1 Acidonia
A2 Fatty Acid
B1 Heartache
B2 Bacteria
C1 No2
C2 Blizz!
D We're Alone


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